Long Arm Quilting

Pricing and Preparation


Edge to Edge Quilting

Edge to edge designs - $.012 / square inch
Small Stipple (all over) - $.015 / square inch
Custom Quilting - Starting at $.022 / square inch

Example - Edge to Edge

45" X 54" = 2430 sq in - $29.16
7-' X 84" = 5880 sq in - $70.56
Minimum charge - $25.00


Smaller then 80" X 96" - $20.00
Larger then 80" X 96" - $25.00

Binding will be sewn to top side of quilt. You will need to bring 3" wide strips (no bias) measuring the outside of the quilt plus 12" for miter corners. Binding should be joined and pressed in half. You will need to sew to the back of quilt.

Preparing your Quilt

  • Trim all loose threads from the front and back of your quilt. Make sure that all seams are secure.
  • Remove edges from your seam allowances.
  • Do not pin or baste quilt layers.
  • Make sure that the top and back are pressed and folded neatly.
  • Backing and batting should be at least 4" wider and 4" longer than your quilt top.
  • Backing need to be square and even on all sides. No bed sheets are accepted due to their dense thread count.
  • You may purchase batting from us at a 20% discount, or you can bring your own quality batting. We use Quilters Dream Select polyester or Warm and Natural cotton. Hobbs is also accepted.

Quilting Form

Download our long arm quilting form.

Please print this form, fill it out and include it with your quilt materials.

Adobe Reader required


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